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Oct 5, 2012 11:00pm EDT
a wide range of accessorieses. expecting 50,000 people to turn out. the show is followed by the united states power boat show which begins on october 11th. >>> also this weekend the #4e6 annual fun festival that will shut down many roads. more on the closures you need to be aware of. >> many roads will be shut down for this weekend's festival. broadway is now closed between bank and tame street. 6:00 tomorrow morning, all streets south of alisana street will be closed. everything will reopen by 6:00 monday morning. and if you are attending the festival, use public transportation and avoid neighborhood parking. i'm lauren cook and that's your time safer traffic report. >> bottom of the 8th. score is 3-1. orioles is still up. >>> coming up next our amazing coverage continues, everyone. >> if the orioles can get through these last two half innings, their season will continue. we'll give you a live update, coming up. >> and the last call you'd expect is from someone in jail. the latest scam inmates are using to try to steal your cash when we come back in 60 seconds. >>> still 3-1 out ther
Oct 24, 2012 11:00pm EDT
't believe this was random. >> they say the man opened fire at united states fire protection services, a family owned business where at least two people were killed. then five minutes later and a block away, the man opened fire at this home killing a woman and wounding a 15 year old boy. >> family was targeted in both locations. >> police say the gunman spoke to them as he fired but they never knew who it was. >> there was a lady that had been i guess shot in the face, and she was sitting outside. >> neighbors say the family owned business also had security. >> to get let in, you have to knock. they actually have to see who it is before they let you. >> police are hoping evidence left behind and surveillance video will help them identify this killer. >> these people were specifically targeted. >> the gunman escaped in a 2010 xhar row taken from the home. >> tonight's consumer alert, public schools used to be the most coast efficient option for college but that may no longer be the case. the cost for that is at an all time high. the average price rose by more than 4%. while pr
Oct 25, 2012 11:00pm EDT
look at the storm. >> sandy is getting closer and closer to the united states, getting close to the coast here. winds to 90 miles an hour. still a very powerful 1 hurricane. we're seeing a little weakening in the last three hours. potent storm, winds moving in the northwest at 11:00. it's not so much what they are doing right now, what she will do as she rockets up the east coast in the next 2-3 days. as we approach the time frame, as we expect sandy to curve around the north carolina coast, but in addition to that, in carrying some jet stream energy likely that this storm will increase in strength in wind, field and size. perhaps a bigger storm once sandy gets to the carolinas. and break down into the move in the mid-atlantic. >>> another one, going in our direction. some of you are not taking any chances. >> after storms blew, high and dry. and someone came until now to be prepared. >> whether worried chapters were getting worried for sandy. and prolonging power, stopping line with these folks. there were plenty of tarps to cover up. life with the empty store shelves. >> pe
Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
united states on the canada border, contributing to snow over the boundary. that colder air, while the main part will not come into the state the edge will. we will feel a cooldown by tomorrow night. you can shave a good six, seven degrees off the low of 40 and there will be big changes. a freeze watch up for most of the northern and western suburbs. much more on that big chill and beyond coming up. >> thank you. >>> so much on the line in the bronx and another night of extra innings. game four of the american league divisions, orioles going against the yankees. this trip 15 years in the making and they are working hard to move onto game five. the team coverage tonight from yankee stadium, nothing is coming easy tonight. we need more than a home run to win. >> reporter: for the orioles to bounce back from last night, we are tied at one each. > >> it's all about the unsung heros. daron trying to save the orioles at this point. nate, who heard of him before a few months ago? had the home run and that fantastic catch earlier in the game. then he doubled up the guy at first. just unb
Oct 15, 2012 11:00pm EDT
these men you're asked to call the state police homicide unit. now the choral arts society will dedicate it's december 4th to marvin. christian schaffer, abc2news. >>> well the weather fit the day, didn't it? kind of drab and dreary, but for how long and are we about to turn the corner for a flash of sunshine tomorrow? let's find out from wyatt everhart. >> things will be improving tomorrow in terms of the sun coming back. so we like that, bull it will be bit -- but it will be a bit cooler, especially by tomorrow night. rain right now, clearing from west to east. we have a few showers down here on lower eastern shore. salisbury and the beats are still getting some rain, but otherthen that things -- than that things are clearing up very nicely. you can see that drier air beginning to funnel in from the north and west and that's going to make for a sunny scenario into the day tomorrow. steady clearing from west to east. we'll talk about how things will unfold by mid week. it's straight ahead. >>> jason hisser has been found alive with his colleague neal pecker. both met a decade ago at virgin
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5